Virginia Commonwealth University has been working with ITAC for the past ten or more years and is extremely satisfied with the professional manner with which Rodney and his team operate.
— Tim Lampe, Ed.D, CFE, Senior Associate Athletic Director, VCU



Part of what makes ITAC a premiere turf services provider is the close connection that the ITAC team builds with each client, ensuring that the solutions provided fit each individual area, soil type, field type, and client goal.

About ITAC

Rodney Hopkins founded the Innovative Turf Application and Consulting company on the principal of offering a more personal connection to clients. Now, ITAC services many of the major fields and pitches in the state of Virginia and beyond.

With clients like the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, and Virginia Commonwealth University, ITAC provides consistently high-quality services to the leading playing fields in the state.