Fraze Mowing

Fraze Mowing is the removal of unwanted surface matter (spoils) from Bermuda grass playing fields.  Spoils can be removed from the site or can be re-used for sprigging in select circumstances.  ITAC’s Owner, Rodney Hopkins, traveled to Holland in 2014 to learn this technique at the imants headquarters.

Recycle Top Dressing

Recycle Dressing uses a slit cutting machine to pull existing sand material from the root zone to the surface.  Resulting material can be then drug in as top dressing.  This technique greatly reduces and in some case eliminates the need to ordering additional top dressing material.


Linear Decompaction

This process is a proven European style of linear slicing aeration that shatters the profile but leaves the surface mostly undisturbed.  There is little to no cleanup required and the field is immediately playable afterwards.

ReEl and Rotary Mowing

Type of mowing an equipment used varies by client preference and field type.  ITAC also is capable of providing customs show striping patterns.  Additionally, ITAC’s Toro Equipment is maintained by a Toro certified mechanic on staff.  Blades are sharpened using latest manufacturer techniques and all service is performed in-house.

deeptine (2).JPG

Core Aeration, Processing, and Sweeping

ITAC maintains multiple models and depths of core aeration to fulfill the needs of specific field conditions.  Following core aeration, ITAC provides both processing and sweeping services, depending on the needs of the project.

topdress (1).JPG


ITAC uses the above equipment to evenly distribute a material mix on top of existing turf to introduce new soil and microbes to the existing environment. Topdressing helps to smooth the field surface after aerification.


Pesticide Application

Both company and application staff maintain commercial chemical applicator licenses at the highest level available and only the latest computer equipment is used to ensure proper application rates.  Each field is entered into a computer database that tracks and logs chemical and fertilizer treatment schedules.  All federal, state, and local safety, PPE and environmental guidelines are met by ITAC staff.

snowremoval (3).JPG

Snow Removal on Artificial Turf

ITAC maintains a large inventory of specially-modified snow removal equipment for artificial turf snow removal.  Equipment is specifically designed/modified to not damage the turf during snow removal process.


Grooming for Artificial Turf

ITAC owns and maintains specific, specialized equipment for the purpose of artificial turf maintenance.