Field Stripping

Field Stripping is a renovation technique used to remove existing turf from a field.  Typically 1.5”-2” of existing turf is stripped and discarded from the field to prepare for tillage.

Laser grade phase of new construction sheet drain soccer field.

Blecavate (Reverse Tine Tilling)

The process of reverse tine tilling incorporates compost to the top 8” of soil that adds nutrients to promote the growth of sprigs or sod.  The process also results in a more absorbent soil that assists in water uptake.  Reverse tine tilling is used as a preparation step during field renovation.

Laser Guided Hydraulic Blading

This process uses specialized laser equipment that is accurate to 1/10 of an inch.  This process is used to correct field surface grade issues and create an even playing surface.  Also promotes surface draining.  The equipment above can also be used for Baseball infield grading.


ITAC has the ability to work on multiple sites at the same time with its large inventory of sprigging equipment.

Sod Installation

ITAC equipment is specially selected to minimize the disturbance of existing soil structure during installation following both field repair or renovation.

When sodding, extreme care is required to ensure proper seaming so that turf can return to normal use as quick as possible.